Christmas Promotion Codes

  • Day 1 Promo Code: XMAS01

Buy one, get one 50% OFF

  • Day 2 Promo Code: XMAS02

Get 10% OFF any shrimp Item

  • Day 3 Promotion: For every purchase of $150 you will receive a gift code for $15 on our Online Store. Send it to a friend or use it for more of your favorite Handy Seafood products.

  •  Day 4 Promo Code: XMAS04
    Today only, get free ground shipping on orders over $105 if you live on the East Coast! Check out below if your state qualifies for this deal.
Day 4 XMAS
  • Day 5 Promo Code: XMAS05
Day 5 XMAS
  • Day 6 Promo Code: XMAS06

Xmas Day 6

  • Day 7 Promo Code: XMAS07

Free Shipping Friday

  • Day 8 Promo Code: XMAS08
    Introducing... Handy Crab Dip Flatbreads! A Handy new product just in time for the holidays! These crispy flatbreads are topped with sweet crab meat, cheesy goodness and just enough kick to be an absolute party favorite. All day on December 8th, take $2.00 off with the code XMAS08. Impress your guests with this delicious holiday appetizer!

  • Day 9 Promotion: 
    Today only, get a free Crab Cake Kit with any $180 purchase! Our Crab Cake Kit makes it easy to make awesome crab cakes. For a fun holiday twist, use cookie cutters to form your crab cakes, then follow the baking instructions for some cute Christmas Crab Cake Cookies. When you spend $180 or more on our online store, leave a note at checkout saying CRABCAKEKIT and we will include one in your order!

  • Day 10 Promo Code: XMAS10
    Get 10% OFF crab meat!

  • Day 11 Promotion: 
    Spend $50 on our online store and we will send you a free Handy reusable tote bag! These 100% recyclable bags are perfect if you want to cut down on plastic grocery bags, or if you just need another bag to store your belongings as you shop for the holidays!

  • Day 12 Promotion: Spin to Win!

  • Day 13 Promo Code: XMAS13
    Today only, take 13% off Crispy Shrimp Wraps on the Handy Online Store! These large shrimp are accented with ginger and fresh herbs, then hand-wrapped in a delicate pastry sheet. Stock up for your holiday party!

Xmas Day 13

  • Day 14 Promo Code: XMAS14
    10% off our Domestic Crab Cakes! These crab cakes feature generous amounts of sweet crab meat from blue crabs, spices and seasonings for a traditional Maryland-style treat. All Handy crab cakes are gently hand-formed for a true homemade experience. 

  • Day 15 Promotion: 
    Get FREE 6-count Frozen Whole East Coast Oysters sample with any purchase over $80! The Easy-Shuck oysters are a great way to impress your guests - just thaw them out and shuck with a butter knife! Great for serving raw or using for any cooking application.

    More promo codes coming up soon!

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